Thursday, December 8, 2011

Communication between Cache Hosts in Windows Server AppFabric

Today I am going to talk about, how the communication/coordination takes place in between the cache host(Nodes) of Windows Server AppFabric cache cluster

In short it is achieved by using TCP/IP protocol, and as we all know If it is tcp/ip then we have to set the exception rules in our Firewall…

In order to function fully, it is going to make use of 4 different ports each with its own purpose, By default ports starts from 22233 to 22236.(so to all these we need to set the exception in firewall)…

Now we will look at what these ports will listen on…

      1)  22233 – By this port it actually communicates between the cache clients – Hence it is a cache port
      2)  22234 – By this port it ensures the availability of each other in the cluster – hence it is a cluster port
      3)  22235 – By this port it ensures that the failed nodes/host are unavailable  - Hence it is called as Arbitration port
      4)  22236 – By this port it moves the data across the hosts – hence it is called as Replication port..

If your organization doesn’t like these default ports for any reason , then you can set your own ports by using the following Windows Powershell command….

I hope this helps!.


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