Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tips - Windows Server AppFabric - Grant/Revoke

Hi All,

In this post i will talk about some of the commands which you will need to use while allowing/dis-allowing the permissions for Windows Server AppFabric cache

       1)  If you need to grant any access to a particular account 

Grant-CacheAllowedClientAccount -Account "DOMAINNAME\username"

2) If you want to revoke the access to a particular account

Revoke-CacheAllowedClientAccount -Account "DOMAINNAME\username"

3) At any point in time, if you want to get the list of all accounts which are having the access to the cache, you can use - 


In next post i will talk about the different options available while settings the security to AppFabric cache

I Hope this helps!.


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