Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Windows Server AppFabric Cache - Tips

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Welcome back to my series post on Windows Server AppFabric, As i promised you last time, today we will discuss a bit about Cache Cluster/Host in Windows AppFabric Cache.

Yes at any given point in time , If you want to check the status of Host in Cache cluster - like whether it is up or down, you can check by running below command through power shell script.


It shows the list of host/nodes available inside the cache cluster along with the information/details describing the hosts like - HostName, Port(Cache Port), Service Name(Caching Service), Status ( Up/Down).

When you run the above command(Get-CacheHost), just in case if you find all the listed host found to be on status - DOWN, then it may indicate the Cache Cluster is down. Hence you may want to run the following command to get it up.


When you run the above command(Start-CacheCluster) - if you find any entry with UnKnown Status - then it is better to check like whether the service(Caching Service) in that host/node runs - or is that host is up and running

If you want to - start a particular node/host in the cluster you can run the following command.

Start-CacheHost -HostName 'Name of the host' -CachePort 'Port Numbet'

If you want to - stop a particular node/host in the cluster , you can run the following command

Stop-CacheHost -HostName 'Name of the host' -CachePort 'Port Numbet'

More about the basics in the forthcoming blog posts.....

Till then take very good care about yourself.


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