Monday, June 4, 2012

Windows Server AppFabric - Tips

Hi All,

I am sure, all of you are eager to know, what are those next set of tips which i am going to blog about......

Yes, today i am going to blog about - To understand the bits and pieces in (Terminology) Windows Server AppFabric.

At a high level, It starts with a Cluster - a bunch of machines which would like to be a part of participant nodes in Cache

A cluster contains 1 or more machines, they are called as Nodes or Host.

A node/Host intern contains a Cache Name -

A CacheName - in tern contains Regions....

A region , in tern contains 'The real Cache Items'

We will discuss in depth in terms of each of these terms/terminology and limitations in the coming blogs....

Note: if any one of you would want to know something else, please drop me a comment  i should be answering in short time.


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