Sunday, June 10, 2012

Windows Server AppFabric Cache Tips

Hi All,

Today as you all might be anticipating, i am going to discuss about the 'Cache Name'....

As the name suggest, this is the logical container within which the cache items are persisted inside the AppFabric Cache cluster.

The Cache spans across the available nodes/host inside the cluster....

-If we are not going to specify any particular cache name - then the data is stored inside 'default cache'

-Inside any cluster , we can create at max 128 cache names..

-When the cache cluster is - Restarted -, The cache names are preserved, However the items in cache are flushed out/lost

- Each 'cache names' - are independent of each other, hence we can design our application/or store data in respective caches and optimize for multiple policies - according to the specific needs

Off-course, Regions comes inside the cache name, and we should be discussing about that in the next blog post.

Till then take very good care about yourself.


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